Backoffice operations

In the real world...
These operations will be carried out by the back-office structures of the Bank, according to the proper and secured processes.

Association is a very important operation in the OPENPAT model. A PAT device is useless if it is not associated to an account and its PATID is useful only for this task.

Only after a successful association between a PATID and an account the PAT device will become the authentication device for that account, not before.
For the very same reason, after a disassociation the PAT device turns back to be useless, at least until it will be associated with the same or another account.

In this simulation...
Just for demo purposes you must do the role of the Bank's backoffice (obviously in a very simplified manner) and do this operations by yourself.

To simplify the tasks the demo does not do any check.
Please take care if you disassociate an account or Disable a PAT Device to avoid to interfere with other demo users.